We are Sara Leila Castagnella and Paolo Cirio, neo-vignerons born and grown up under Torino's Mole. After our studies (Plastic Arts in Vincennes Saint Denis Paris 8 and Scenic Arts in the University of Torino) and long years spent working around movie sets and theatres, we felt the urge of getting rid of routine boundaries, abandoning the "stressful protection" of our comfort zone to try and make our dream come true. Some people were puzzled by our choice, finding it too extreme and reckless; others, instead, considered it an unusual but bold decision that, for better or for worse, would give us the chance of experiencing both the wonder and crudity of life, and merging at the same moment our true passions: art, nature, viticulture and enology.

And it happened out of wine meeting art and Nature, that Monfra' was conceived in 2016, as a farm and a visionary project at the same time, inspired by our need of escaping from the bustle of the big city and thought as our place dedicated to research and experimentation of creative agricultural and farming techniques, in respect of both Man and Nature.

Currently Monfrà is a three hectares farm including a small wood of lime trees, oaks, and some exotic plants, a vegetable garden and an orchard, as well as one hectare of a thirteen year old vineyard. An additional hectare vineyard will be planted next spring.

Out of our vineyard, that since 2016 we grow and maintain according to biological methods and standards, two different wines are made, Heremit (Barbera del Monferrato D.O.C) and Panikos (Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese D.O.C), under the expert guidance of our oenologist and friend Andrea Buzio.

Our wines, produced on the Monferrato hills, recently included in UNESCO heritage, are produced according to natural methods with the aim of creating handmade, genuine and quality products with a contemporary approach, maintaining the important winemaking tradition of Piemonte but with eyes looking at the future.