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We are Sara and Paolo, born and grown up under Torino's Mole. After our studies, we have chosen to explore new opportunities to enhance our creativity, in an evocative place that could inspire us with its natural energy. It happened like this that our love for Nature and passion for wine guided us on the Monferrato hills, where Monfra' came alive in the spring of 2016.

As soon as we saw the old farmhouse that today is hosting us, together with its surroundings, its grove and the breathtaking panoramic view of Alps and Apeninnes, it seemed clear to us that was the place where art, wine and nature would not just cohabit. That was the place where our true passions, enhanced by the spirit of such an environment, would merge into something unique and exciting.


Our project aims to create a "rural cultural center", more than a simple space for artists to expose their works or present their performances, rather a source of inspiration that will actively contribute to the creation and design of their works.

The Cultural Center will be named PAN (Polo dell’Arte e della Natura), and its beating heart will be the old barn, surrounded by green figs, vineyards and big hackberries.

The barn will be completely refurbished and, in order to keep the traditional design, original materials will be recovered, such as the old wooden beams holding the roof and its typical tiles, or the walls made of local stones (pietre da cantone). The renovated building will be fully dedicated to Art and creativity, and will be hosting educational activities, exhibitions, art performances, readings, seminaries, whorkshops, concerts, and different kind of events. Artists and their own creations will find their own spot, either inside the barn or outside, among the trees in the garden and the rows of our vineyard, along the side of the hill.

In accordance with our motto "Wine, Art and Nature", the cultural center will also give to its guests the opportunity to witness the harvest techniques and the different stages of the vineyard's seasonal maintenance and cultivation, and to enjoy the events while tasting our wines Heremit (Barbera del Monferrato D.O.C) and Panikos (Grignolino del Monferrato Casalese D.O.C).

Support Us

In order to make this happen, realize our project and renovate the old barn, we will face countless efforts and challenges, this is why we will also count on your support. If you want to contribute, you can make a donation to:

IBAN: IT43C0200848700000103893322

Thank you!
Ti ringraziamo di cuore sperando d‘incontrarti presto per sorseggiare un buon bicchiere di vino passeggiando tra quadri e sculture o ascoltando un piccolo concerto accompagnato dal frinire delle cicale.